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Frequently asked questions

Q: How does Economist Education relate to The Economist and Economist Intelligence Unit?

Economist Education is a new venture of The Economist Group that draws upon the formidable intellectual and informational resources of The Economist and Economist Intelligence Unit and is designed with the help of leading minds in business-education and enterprise learning.

Q: What is it?

Economist Education is an e-learning program created specifically for those who work across borders. This suite of courses will provide you with the critical knowledge, conceptual frameworks and practical ideas for doing business in fast-growing, but often unpredictable frontier economies such as the BRICs.

Each course is approximately four hours in length and will contain a variety of learning materials, including:

  • conceptual overviews created by leading business-school experts
  • exclusive video interviews with seasoned, on-the-ground executives from the top multinational organisations, in sectors from banking to manufacturing to show-business to the non-profit world, talking about their own successes and mistakes in emerging markets (made possible by The Economist’s global reach and unparalleled access)
  • ideas from some of the world’s leading thinkers on innovation and management, selected from video of The Economist’s wide range of international conferences and events
  • unique interactive simulations of business scenarios, modelled on the actual experiences of senior company managers in emerging markets
  • concise, valuable statistical summaries drawn from the EIU’s latest country and sector reports, and helpful charts and graphs
  • pithy, counter-intuitive analyses from The Economist and EIU that draw unexpected parallels between disparate markets, countries and industries, constantly updated to keep each course fresh and relevant
Q: Who is it for?
Anyone is able to take these courses. We believe that professional managers and executives who have (or are taking on/moving up to) international roles or responsibilities will find these courses most beneficial. We also encourage early-career professionals and other individuals who aspire to have international roles and responsibilities to consider taking these courses.
Q: I’ve submitted payment. What now?
Once you complete the payment process, you will receive an email confirmation which will provide instructions on how to access and begin the course.

Corporate/organisational FAQs

Q: Can your courses run on my organisation’s Learning Management System?
Clients have the option to integrate Economist Education courses within their own Learning Management System (LMS), for use within their own organisation. The courses can be used on most LMSs.
Q: How can I evaluate Economist Education programmes for use in my organisation?
If you are considering using Economist Education courses within your organisation, please contact our Corporate Solutions team at for more information and an e-learning course demonstration.
Q: How can I become a channel partner of Economist Education?
If you are interested in distributing Economist Education courses through your existing course catalogue, please contact our Corporate Solutions group at